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Oh dear. This one is going to be lame. When I decided to bite the bullet and take the NaBloPoMo challenge I made a little promise to myself that I wouldn't do a Cop Out post. In my mind, the Cop Out post is one of the following:

  • A wordless post. Yes I do understand they have their time and place but as someone who has around 3000 pics on her phone I think I can try harder.
  • A rerun. Again, not dissing the occasional "Best of" or "back by popular demand" thing, but the whole point of this challenge is to actually challenge yourself. (we'll maybe have to revisit this thought towards the end of November and I find myself doing this once again at 11:30 p.m.)
  • A Facebook post copied and pasted here. Now this one, is only kind of a cop out because I think there are a fair amount of you who read stuff here on the blog but not on the Hausfrau facebook page. And we've had some really great conversations on there. BUT. Again, I'm not convinced that's really challenging to me. (also I may flipflop on this one as the month wears on 😂)
  • A listicle. Looking back on this blog, I remembered when posting here was a regular occurrence and I used to do a little something called "Ten on Tuesday". Actually...now that I think about it, those were kind of fun to write. So maybe that's not super cop-outy. But still. 
But. I am so tired. Our school conferences started tonight and I was there much later than usual. I got home around 8:30 and absolutely crashed on the couch. Luckily Walter woke me up just in time to get this done (really he woke me up because someone had left food out on the counter that he couldn't reach and it was killing him). Got the kitchen tidied up and now here I sit with the minutes of November 8th swirling away like dandelion puffs in the wind.

"What in the world can I write about?" I asked myself. For some quick inspiration, I looked through all of the posts stored here...among those that have seen the light of day are dozens that I started and never finished.

So what I'm going to do here are put the titles of these abandoned posts, and perhaps the first couple of lines. Some of them never progressed further than a title...a couple didn't even get a title, they're just a sentence or two.

I'll put those here and then we'll see which ones YOU think are worthy of finishing. Add a comment here or, if I share this one on Facebook, add one there. The one with the most votes (um or even one vote, if I'm being realistic) shall be finished. Ready? Here we go:

1, Double Feature I love going to the movies. Love, love, love. I remember the first movie I saw in the theater: Disney's The Aristocats. My dad took me and I can still recall driving to the theater, in the backseat of his Chevy Vega, babbling excitedly about the kitty movie and watching the blurred world speeding by through the windows.

2. Untitled It was a hot, swampy day. Miserably so. I had run to Costco after work, for dog food and a few other essentials (all of my offspring are living at home this summer...I could go shopping every single day of the week and we'd still be out of something). 

After the dance of the checkout

sure I'll take a box, if you have one handy!
uh...no the cantaloupes aren't mine
aww shoot is it too late to add a yogurt?

I joined the slow, plodding death march towards the exit, receipt clutched tightly in my hand lest I lose it as I've been known to do. Don't ask me to explain how it happens, losing a long white slip of paper in less than a minute. All I know is, it's quite possible.

3. My Eyebrows Are Leaving Me When I was younger, they were thick and full. They looked like dark brown caterpillars arched over my eyes, threatening to adjoin at the tippy top of the bridge of my nose. They were wild and free and I loathed them.

My best friend, in the throes of an angsty teenage girl fight, called them "your hairy rainbows". It was a very apt description.

4. Google is NOT YOUR FRIEND, BITCHES (no text with this one...I think this was a martini fueled idea that lost steam after I came up with the really creative title)

5. What It Was Really Like Having Babies in the 90's Believe it or not, there was more happening in the fabulous 90's than Full House, boy bands, Tamagochi and Beanie Babies. Some of us were having babies and I have proof in the form of actual snapshots that I keep "organized" in shoeboxes somewhere.

I had three babies in that decade and one Y2K baby as well (yay for that kid, it's easy for mom to remember how old he is). I'm so oblivious to the passage of time that when someone mentions the 90's I tend to think it was "just a few years ago" and not "decades ago". Like the old saying goes, time flies when you're having fun...or as I say, being a mom makes you fucking insane.

6. The Crappiest Walk Ever (picture of the poop emoji at the top followed by this text:) A fair warning: this post is not for those who can't handle talk of bodily functions. I know, it's gross but we all do it and sometimes we have to write about it. So, heed before you read: there's poop talk ahead. I don't want any pearl-clutching gasps or a-hole comments at the end. Ready? Let's go (LOL PUN TOTALLY NOT INTENDED BUT HILARIOUS AS YOU'LL SOON DISCOVER)

7. Underwear Selfies: Please Stop No text with this one either. Yeah, probably another martini one.

That's all for now, friends. I'm kind of embarrassed by how many of these I have.

See? I told you this one was lame. BUT I DID IT.

*I've decided to challenge myself and do the NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, and write a blog post every single day of November. I figure it's the kick in the ass I need to get writing again. I've made this one with about one minute left of November 8th so you can see how well it's going so far. 

Stay tuned. And thank you for being here.


  1. I had 3 kids in the 90s and then a Y2K baby, also! It was a different world back then: the photos in shoeboxes, the cute "no-TV" rule a lot of us had (because "screens" wasn't in common parlance yet), the LACK OF INTERNET to complain on...

    I also had 2 more kids (2002,2005), so it's as if they grew up in a different world than the one their oldest siblings grew up in.

    And, one blogger to another, I rarely am able to resuscitate those bits and pieces in my draft file. I don't know why.

  2. Here's my votes #5. Why? Because I gave birth in the 90's too! And I also have multiple drafts just gathering dust. Then I'll get aggravated with myself for those drafts and I'll delete them all.

  3. I need a good laugh 😆...so I vote for crappiest walk!!

  4. The Eyebrows one sounds great! Actually they all are good. The sweaty Costco one is intriguing. Babies in the 90s, what is that? Maybe I could learn a thing or 2. Big props mostly to POOP. I've got a bajillion defecation stories and would love to hear yours.


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