A Single Mom Contest has turned me into a Freak

I can feel my self loathing growing as I type this.  But for some reason this odd, unfamiliar competitive streak in me has actually caused my appetite to decrease.  Yes, that's right. The woman who manages to eat while cleaning up vomit has found a temporary way to stifle "the hungries".

I am like The Little Engine That Could.

Only I'd probably be called:

The Big Vagina That Might

Please go cast a vote for The Happy Hausfrau.  If I win I promise I won't type the word "vagina" for a long time.

Vote here, my friends. 


  1. When I first saw the contest, I'm not gonna lie, it was through madwomans page. I thought, Who is this hausfrau and why is she number one? I didn't want to like you. I fought it, really I did. Then madwoman posted a link to your blog. I scoffed and clicked, but then this strange thing happened, and the only way I can accurately describe it is, you had me at tampon the size of a crib mattress. For the last 3 days I've poured over your blog as much as time has allowed (I'm currently at July of 2010) and the single only reason I can think we weren't destined to be bffl's is that you don't love cap sleeves. Really? I think they're adorable on my fat arms. But I digress. No reason a fashion preference should come between us, we can work it out. Anyway, where was I? Oh right...So NOW, I find myself hoping you win this thing, because you're kinda sorta badass. Good Luck to ya doll, you deserve it.

    1. You made me cry while I was at the gas station, thank you very much.

      The fact that you have embraced cap sleeves makes me love you.

      Thanks so much for letting me feel all loved up..I needed it today!

  2. I continue to vote for you (once you had more than double the votes I did, how could I think of you as competition). Now that this late comer has jumped ahead, I'm pushing my friends to vote for you when they vote for me.
    I understand, I totally understand. We win nothing material with this contest and really, all we're doing is driving more people to Mom Central but still....here we are, begging for acceptance. Sigh.

    1. Oh thank you, Christine..you have adorable kids. I don't think any of us are competitors..but damn, that wanting to be "liked" is scary, huh? I never thought I gave two craps about things like this. And to tell you the truth, I don't think I'll be doing this again.

      HOWEVER. I am SO glad to get to know more single mamas and read all of your stories. That's the coolest thing about this whole experience.

      Thanks so very much for your support, and for hanging out here with me :)


  3. hi there i am your new follower i love your blog


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