So you know how people write little pictures or messages on a steamy bathroom mirror, and the next person who steams it up sees the sweet little "I love you" or a heart or a smiley face?  I'm talking about people in non-dysfunctional relationships, people who still like each other, people still stokin' the fires of romance, you know.

Yesterday I took a shower (yes, my third one of the week!  I was on a ROLL!).  And as I stood in front of the foggy mirror, avoiding eye contact with the towel-clad middle aged woman standing there, I saw an image in the steam.

At first, I thought it was an upside down heart.  "Aww..which one of my angels are sending me a message?" I wondered.

And then I saw that no, it wasn't an upside down heart.  It was a huge, cartoony, right-side-up penis.

I can't say for certain which kid did it, but just between you and me?  I'd put my money on the 11 year old.

I cannot wait to tell this story to his future girlfriend.


  1. LOL! I'll bet he didn't realize it would reappear next time you steamed it up.
    Much like myself when I was about 7, & I didn't realize that words you wrote on a wet raindroppy car would show up after as words in the dust of the car after the rain dried.
    **still embarrassed after all these years**

  2. I found another one on the glass sliding door that goes out to the deck. Someone is expressing their penis-joy.

    And Beth, inquiring mind wants to know: what did you write???


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