Observations from my morning walk with Walter

First one was, don't forget to check your plastic poop bags for holes. I thought having a teenager tell me to "shut the f*ck up" was the low point of my morning (yes, one of mine, and yes, he's still alive). That is, until I found myself with a handful of dog feces. Good thing I'm not a germaphobe.

Next observation: 90% of the people driving by were on their phones. I'm not judging, since I myself have committed this unlawful act, I'm just saying. Remember when car rides were tiny little solitude vacations? Just you and your music, or just you and the silence?

Thirdly: I thought of a little girl at our school and smiled. She looks exactly like Tracy Morgan (SNL, 30 Rock). I want to put a safari hat on her head and have her say, "I'm Brian Fellows" but I think that would get me fired. And I'm not saying that in a demeaning way, she's absolutely adorable. But if she walked up to Tracy and said, "I'm your daughter" I doubt he'd even go for a paternity test.

Fourth observation: I live in a beautiful part of the world. Three times I had my breath taken away by trees with changing leaves that were so unbelievably gorgeous it was almost like they were some computer-generated special effect plopped down in the grass.

Fifth: This particular morning walk was with my William. He's taken a liking to walking to school and we have done so 3 times this week. As we walked side by side this morning, I realized that these moments in time are the ones that make up one's memories. And this is a golden memory, at least for me. Hopefully for him.

I hope the fact that I had dog poop under my fingernails doesn't detract from the goldeny-ness of it all.


  1. I saw your darling face on your return trip from the H.S. - I was on my way there ...

  2. Emily has the best poop bags. No holes -- ever.


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