Movies, Marvel and My Boys

I've written about the way movies have touched my life more than once here. And I've written about how movies have been a special part of the bond I have with kids before, too.

But it bears repeating: there's something so special about going to the movies with my kids. I don't care how poor we are or how busy we are...I will always, always make the time and scrape up the money to go see movies with them.

Today two of them went to see Thor: Ragnarok with me. Henry was home for the weekend and William is still around (senior in high school) so we caught a matinee.

As much as we love movies, if they're Marvel we love them even more. We've seen just about every Marvel movie together, sometimes all four of the kids and me, sometimes just one of them. They are part of our story, they are a family tradition. I know it's not as Norman Rockwell as, for example, a football game after the Thanksgiving dinner every year, or an annual family portrait. But it's our thing. It's our jam.

So today I sat between two tall boys. We shared popcorn and we laughed and we all looked at each other when an actor who has been a huge family inside joke for years made an unexpected cameo. We stayed after the credits to see the secret scenes and we discussed our favorite parts on the way home.

I know the day will come when they won't go to the movies with me. They'll get busy, they'll get older, they'll get married and someday they'll sit in a dark theater sharing a big old tub of popcorn with their own babies (maybe). So today I just enjoyed it. I soaked it all in, my boys, the sweeeet reclining seats, Idris Freaking Elba and Mark Ruffalo and that Hemsworth guy.

One of these times, it will be the last time. And as sad as that makes me feel, I know it's the way life goes. The natural progression of things. It's bittersweet.

But today, we had Thor and Hulk. Today was good.

*I've decided to challenge myself and do the NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, and write a blog post every single day of November. I figure it's the kick in the ass I need to get writing again. I've made this one with about 12 minutes left of November 4th, so you can see how well it's going so far. 

Stay tuned. And thank you for being here.


  1. Movies were always a big thing for my dad when I was growing up, and it’s a tradition I took up with my kids. He now hosts “Papa movie night” once in awhile for awesome movies he thinks we all need to see (think Harry Potter series), buys the tickets and takes us all out for a NICE dinner afterwards. Even at 20 & 22, my boys clear their calendar for that.
    My point being, the tradition doesn’t ever have to end, it just might have to change slightly. Who knows, maybe you’ll host Grandma movie night sometime in the future! 😉

  2. I took my youngest on Saturday. He chose a movie with Mom over college football with Dad and brother. My heart melted about 100 different ways that day. Mostly at his joy and lack of caring when he screamed "OH MY GOD IT'S THE HULK!!!! MOMMY THE HULK IS IN THIS?!?!?!" I knew from reviews but that moment was priceless for me. I know my days of having them choose parent time will be coming to an end eventually but seeing your grown(ish) boys choose Mom Time gives me so much hope.


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