Week in Review: Sweet Sixteen, TV, Lululemon and Robin Ick

Thanks to my uber-fan, Kirsten, for posting a sweet request on my personal facebook wall: 

"wishing for a new post on HH (smiley face)"

Firstly, did you know that's what all the cool kids call my blog? Short and sweet..HH. Now you know. Secondly, I have been absent for over a week! I'm sorry. I've been swamped with things: jealousy, mostly, but I've also been working many many hours. Yes, there is preschool in the summer and luckily they still need subs. Want to know what summer preschool entails? Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. And innocent little preschool farts. 

They fart a lot. But you have to love 5 year olds and their farting etiquette. THEY HAVE NONE. It's fart as you please, folks, and although I will admit to laughing about it at first, it works for them. I can't help but wonder what the world would be like if we all carried on like preschoolers. Sitting at dinner with friends, and in the midst of conversation one of you breaks wind. Loudly. And nobody bats an eye! Of course, gas produced by a person who eats nothing but Goldfish crackers and string cheese is a lot less offensive than that which is produced by a person who indulges in coffee, eggs, Brussels sprouts and craft beer. But still. There'd be no need for Beano or GasX. No more women looking 6 months pregnant because they are holding in the mother of all farts. No more passing up on the roasted cauliflower because you have a date later that night (what, is that last one just me?). What a relaxed, albeit stinky, world this would be.

Jealous, you ask? What have I been jealous about? Pretty much everything. Normally, I am not prone to jealousy. Normally, I'm a live and let live kind of gal. But lately, I have found myself in the grip of the green eyed monster. And I'm envious of EVERYTHING. Maybe it's a new symptom of peri-menopause (along with periods that last 4 days, go away completely and then COME BACK out of nowhere a couple of days later. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??). I think it stems from my sadness about not going to the BlogHer conference, and trying to be all Zen and accepting of it. But I think me trying to squelch that disappointment was like trying to get rid of a muffin top with a Spanx camisole- you can squish it down but sister, it's going to come out somewhere (with the Spanx I have found that the muffin top ends up saying "Hello world!" on the backside of my armpits, also affectionately known as Back Boobs). 

So I've been writhing with internal envy over everything from people who drive nicer cars than me (85% of the population, including most of my kid's friends), bloggers who have massive followings, anyone who hasn't gained 12 pounds this summer, people with hair that doesn't resemble gray and orange cotton candy, anyone younger than me, women who can still make babies...you name it, I've envied it over the past couple of weeks. I've been treating this the way I'd treat envy in my kids: reminding myself to count blessings, putting things into perspective (oh you don't like your hair? Let's talk to someone undergoing chemo. I bet they'd feel real sorry for you, Bozo), and trying desperately to figure out ways to flip my half empty glass over so it's half full again. 

Luckily my blessings are blissfully easy to count since there are so damn many of them. One of them, of course, is my son Henry. He turned 16 this week and we celebrated by going out for dinner at Benihana. No, I shouldn't have spent that kind of money, and yes, we'll be eating light for the next two weeks but my boy wanted Benihana on his 16th birthday so he got it. Sometimes I get sick of saying no, ya hear?  Here's a picture of us (Molly had to work so maybe someone can photoshop her in for me?). Please disregard the sheen of hibachi grease on our faces and PLEASE tell me you like it...I paid $140 to get this picture and guess what? WORTH EVERY CENT. 

Gahhh! I love my kids so much. And yes, Henry's t-shirt says "This Guy Rocks". Truth. 

And no, he's not getting his driver's license yet. None of my kids drive. I know it's weird. It's sad for me, I can't imagine how it feels for my children. To my face, they say it's no big deal. Molly has said, "It's not as important to us as you think it is, mom." Bottom line is, I can't afford it. The lessons alone cost around $400, which I could probably manage but the real deal breaker is the insurance. Mine alone is almost $100 a month (one thing they don't tell you in Bankruptcy 101: your auto insurance will probably go up...just because). Each kid added would most likely be at least an added $150 a month. TIMES THREE. I just can't do it. Plus, let's not even begin discussing what it would be like sharing a single car with three teenagers. 

The kids who can work, are working. And are saving. Most of their savings money is being held for college expenses, which I of course am on board with. If they decide to spend some of their earnings on licenses and cars and insurance, I'll support them. I'm proud as hell of my kids and their ability to rise above adversity and just freaking go on with life. I've said it before, but what we've gone through as a family has been character building. We now have more character than a DisneyWorld parade. NO MORE CHARACTER, PLEASE and THANK YOU.

The only thing that chaps my hide is the fact that their father is seemingly oblivious to the fact that he has three kids who, in the big scheme of things, should be driving. He makes jokes about it, which is puzzling and kind of sadistic. For Charlie's graduation, he gave him a card with a picture of a car on the front and the words, "Congratulations! For your graduation I'm giving you a car!" or something like that. And on the inside was something clever like, "But I'm not!" (okay it was probably worded differently but I've aged almost a year since that happened. Give me a break.). 

With Henry, the lovely stepmom joined in on the mirth. "What do you want for your birthday, Henry?" she asked him. "Your driver's license?" The punchline for this one was her and Big Daddy breaking into fits of laughter. Henry said, and I remember this one verbatim: "I'm glad they got a laugh out of it." Is it that Big Daddy is so mired in pregnancies and toddlerhood and just being an all-around swell guy that he's forgotten about his older kids and the rites of passage they should be experiencing? Or is it that he just doesn't care? Either way, it sucks for my kids. 

Anyhoo. On to other things. Fall television shows are being advertised now, and did my eyes deceive me or did I see that my petulant preppy 80's boyfriend James Spader has a new show on NBC? He does! Playing a criminal mastermind (ala Hannibal Lecter, kind of) with some Angelina Jolie looking chick as his Clarice. Can't wait. James is all stocky and chubby now but he's still got it. We have that in common.

In the meantime, I've been catching up on shows. Last weekend I spent most of a day watching Season 5 of Nurse Jackie. The whole season. In one day. Let me just say this: her husband, Kevin, was SUCH A DICK this season. But here's the weird thing..he's HOT when he's being a dick. The bigger dick he is, the more attractive he becomes. I guess I have a thing for dicks. Actually, if someone put a gun to my head and said, "Jenny, you have to sleep with every character on this show" I'd do it. Coop, Jackie, Thor, Zoey, Eddie, Kevin (duh) and yep even Akalitus. I'd happily do 'em all. 

Who's first?

My BFF Danielle and I had watched the other seasons together, so I'm feeling that cheater's guilt. Please forgive me Danielle. I've been receiving Showtime and HBO free of charge for several months now (thanks to a sweet Comcast guy who thought I was funny) but the free ride ends next month so I'm drinking it all in before it's over. Next up is Ray Donovan. Sexy Liev Schreiber. Did you know he's 6'4"? Swoon. 

Is that a baseball bat or is Liev holding one of my tampons?

Okay what's next. Lululemon! Apparently they have come clean and said that no, they will never carry bigger sizes. Right now they stop at 12 (I think?).  Boo hoo. Ladies, if you wear size 12 and up, my advice is to get your sweet ample cheeks to JC Penney's. They have a really great selection of workout stuff and IT DOESN'T COST $100 FOR A FREAKING PAIR OF YOGA PANTS. If you want my opinion, I think Lululemon has every right to make whatever sizes they want. And they can charge whatever they want. Sadly, there are women who will pay for the status of having that little logo on their bodies. Yes, you can tell me that the quality is all amazing and the styles are to die for, but the reality is, you are paying for the name. Hey...I'm not judging you. Not one bit. If you have the money to spend, go for it. I've seen plenty of women who are above and beyond a size 12 crammed into Lululemon apparel so I guess there's some wiggle room there. I will also add that I've seen 12 year old girls at my school wearing it. Like, the reed-thin 12 year olds. I'll admit to exuding a tiny bit of judgment there. I mean, if it's mommy's hand-me-down jacket, that she bought and then decided it made her arms look fat so she gave it to her 6th grader, fine. But if you're buying a $120 yoga jacket for a girl who doesn't need a bra yet? That seems...a wee bit superfluous to me. But again...it's your money, your choice. And P.S. I also think it's kind of a double standard that Lululemon carries Men's size XXL. So I guess it's okay for men to be supersized, but for the ladies it's just gross. 

I have a pair of Lululemon pants I found at the thrift store for $3.00, in a size Large (I think). They fit me when I'm a size 14/16. And while I do like them, I can't say that they are any better than the C9 (Champion) yoga pants I get at Target. In fact, I like my Target pants better because they aren't lowriders, which I appreciate because most of my day is spent bent over and believe me, ain't nobody excited about seeing my faded black undergarments or my shocking white porpoise-like lower back. 

I'm going to go ahead and design my own workout apparel for us big girls and call it MuuMuuMelon. You read it here first. 

And to wrap things up, Robin Thicke. Ewww. The song is, of course, "Blurred Lines" and dammit if I don't find myself jiving along to it when I hear it every 5 minutes on the radio. But something about him makes my skin crawl. I call him Robin Ick much to the annoyance of my children. His dad Alan was on Growing Pains and he made my adolescent skin crawl back then, too. Let's hope his 10 minutes is almost up. And since I am link happy today, I'll close with Robin Ick and Jimmy Fallon and The Roots doing a version of Blurred Lines that I like infinitely better than the original. Mostly because you can't hear much of Robin Ick's voice. And Jimmy is cute. And the guy playing the xylophone cracks me up. But really, "Good Girl"? What, are we puppies? Ick, please.

And this is where I leave you. A pan of roasted cauliflower is calling my name. 

MuuMuuMelon. Remember that one.


  1. "I guess I have a thing for dicks." I'm going to remember that along with MuuMuuMelon.

    I'm sorry for the bad feelings you've been having :( That sucks. So let's focus on all the positives. Like you said, 5 year olds farting. My son thinks it's hilarious when he lets one rip. And I LOVE the birthday pic from Benihana. I am no good with photoshop, so can't help you there. But that sounds tasty.

    Your ex is a douche.

    And lastly, speaking of TV, have you ever watched The Walking Dead. I know, it's a little gross, and I normally don't do gross. But I freaking love that show. I'm a little bit in love with Daryl.

    Ok, now this is where I leave you. (Isn't that a book?) See you on the Ruzzle :)

    1. I LOVE WALKING DEAD! It's one of the shows that we watch as a sick, twisted family. October, baby...sweet dirty redneck Daryl will be back. You know who I loved? And have actually had an erotic dream about?

      Dale. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. I was so sad when he died.

      Yes it is a book, an awesome book. They're making it into a movie.

      And it's my turn on the Ruzzle, isn't it?

    2. I did NOT know they were making that into a movie. I freaking loved that book, couldn't put it down. I hope they don't ruin the movie version.

      And I will try not to hold the Dale thing against you :)

    3. Movie starring...wait for it....Jason Bateman! Hubba hubba. It can't be bad, can it? Please? I'd be sad if they ruined it.

      I read another one of Tropper's books...How To Talk To A Widower. Pretty good. He's an excellent writer.

  2. Oh yes... please let me know when MuuMuuMelon hits the stores!
    I'm currently paying for two teens on our insurance and Oh My Golly is it expensive. We have a "good student" discount -- about $45 per month -- if they keep their grades at a certain point, and that's all I care about. Not how the grades will look to colleges, no .... I only care that I save money every month if their grades stay up. Crazy expensive.
    Baseball bat or tampon???? Oh thank you for that. I laughed so hard at that one!

    1. Good student discount..I like that. Do you require your teens to help pay for insurance? I have mine pay for their part of our family plan for their cell phones each month, and I feel like a dang bill collector half the time.

      LOL. My poor tampons. I hope they aren't super sensitive. They get so much flack.

  3. Ha! I've really missed you and HH.

    I'm totally rocking the gray and orange cotton candy hair. I gave up on coloring last March. I'm sick of going, sick of paying for it. It's a sham. Who gives a shit?

    Did you ever read or hear of the Lululemon Murder? That shit cracked me up. Only sheeple would wear any brand name crap, just like North puke clothes. Not for me, not for any of my family members. I can't get myself to buy into that consumer mentality.

    Here's an article about the murder....

    or google it...

    In regards to the funky periods; I got a Mirena IUD put in last week which is supposed to lessen the thickness of the uterus/make your period be almost nothing. I hope it works. My gyn strongly recommended it and we will know if it works by the 3rd cycle. My periods are so heavy it's like I'm a blood faucet with a bad washer. I can never stay clean the first couple days of a 9-12 day bleed.

    Happy birthday to Henry. I'm so glad you were able to take him out. You're a great mom!

    1. Gail I am waiting with bated breath and with a funky menses to hear how the Mirena works for you.

      I remember the lululemon murder! Scary stuff. I buy the bulk of our clothes at thrift stores. Even when I had $$$ I did that. Why would you spend so much on something that's going to get worn and spilled on and sweated in??

      Thanks so much for being such a great friend.

  4. Our kids don't drive at sixteen, either. If I have 1500 extra dollars, I'm going to use it to take the family on a camping vacation (yeah, it adds up quickly, what with gas and all), not give it to an insurance company. Luckily, we live near buses and walking distance to part-time jobs; so they aren't too stranded. And, yes, my husband gets very jealous of all the teens around here driving nicer cars than his.

    Tamping down the jealousy isn't productive, sometimes. It's okay to have a (brief) pity party every once in a while, get all the feelings OUT, and then go on with your life. Otherwise, they fester and come out in weird ways (like, um, saying something awkward about a friend's nice vacation, NOT THAT THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME). It's a sociological fact that deprivation is relative - we humans want what our peers have.

    1. SC...I think I might love you. We have a lot in common, and it keeps coming out just a little bit at a time (sorry if that sounds loaded with euphemism, I mean it in a totally innocent way). You make me feel more normal. And I can't thank you enough for that.

      I once made a bitchy comment on a friend's facebook status when I was filled with envy. I deleted it, but told her about it. She laughed and we let it go.

      Thanks so much for your kind comment.

  5. I thought you said those tampons double as wiffle-ball bats? LOL I'm sure they can take all the grief they get :D

    Just a few thoughts on another excellent post (good reading on my b-day here):
    -- When Molly says it doesn't bother her and her brothers that much that they don't drive, I think you can believe her on that. I've heard that a lot of young adults don't have licenses or cars, because of the expense mostly. It's just not as important to them to be able to drive as it was to us at their ages. (Just so you know...I didn't get a license till I was 23, and didn't have a car or insurance till I was 30...)
    -- Just when I'm sure your ex and his little chippie can't get any douchier (is that a word? It is now), they prove me wrong. Making fun of your kids for not driving...really?? Are they so profoundly stupid they can't see how horrible that makes THEM look? Or are they truly such awful losers they don't care?
    -- I already don't buy, or care about, Lululemon because I think they're hideously overpriced. Now I absolutely will not buy their clothes on principle. That's disgusting on their part. Excuse me, but MOST American women are a 12 or bigger -- I was until very recently!! If you want more affordable clothes like that in reasonable sizes, check out Athleta or Title Nine. THEY make cute, stylin' workout clothes that fit ALL women (including in plus sizes). And there's nothing wrong with Champion yoga pants from Target either...some of my favorite pairs are!
    -- I totally understand the jealousy thing. Happens to me, too. Usually means I'm having a depression flare-up and/or PMS (often the same thing in my world). The grass may LOOK greener in other peeps' yards...but as a co-worker of mine once said, "don't compare your inside to other people's outsides."
    -- Did I mention my periods can be all flakey too?
    -- Finally, I bet your pre-schoolers' farts are a lot less deadly than our dogs'.

    1. Oh Jenzi, you're so sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

      You know, I've been worried about my emotional state of mind lately. Feels like a bit of depression lite. I've been going through one of those "paralyzed" times, when I just can't get up and do anything. And when I do, I'm utterly exhausted. Might be time for a little doctor visit.

      Don't get me started on dog farts. I'd rather be nose-deep in a German dude's rear end after Oktoberfest than be stuck in a room with toxic canine gas.

      Thanks for your friendship!

  6. Jealousy...I've been there lately too. Jealous of the moms who've been staying home with their kids all summer, going on their day trips to the zoo, and the beach, and the museums, while I've been pounding out nine or ten hour days, five or six days a week. Jealous of the "traditional families" we see at the grocery store, the library, or the playground. Jealous of the vacations. Jealous of the wives who have husbands to mow the lawn, and take out the garbage, and wash the car. Jealous of the people who have dogs that walk nicely on leashes and don't dislocate your shoulder the minute they're out the door. First world problems, right?

    My 17-year old son doesn't drive, either, for exactly the same reasons as yours. And, also like yours, he says it doesn't matter. But it matters to me.

    My ex ended a recent phone call by saying: "So you're clear about September 14?"
    Me: "What's September 14?"
    Ex:(long pause)"I'm getting remarried that day."
    Me: "Ok. I didn't know that." (That's a fingers crossed fib...I did know, because a friend of a friend found their registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. I had been wondering for months if he was going to have the nerve to tell me.)
    Ex: "I've told the boys countless times..."
    Me: (in my head)"By countless, do you mean during one of the THREE times you've seen them this calendar year???"
    Me: "Did you say 'you need to tell your Mom...'
    Ex: "Well, no, but-"
    Me: "There's your problem then."
    Ex: "Anyway, you'll need to get them collared shirts and ties."
    Me: "Maybe it would be nice for you to take them for those things, since it's for your wedding?"
    Ex: "I can't afford that, we're paying for a wedding. And make sure they both have haircuts."
    So I guess it's a good thing I've been busting my a$$ at work all summer, since in addition to school supplies, and senior pictures, and book fees, and lunch boxes and backpacks, and socks and underwear, and shoes, and glasses, and...I apparently have to make sure my boys are all spiffy and shiny for the nuptials of Dad and his closer-in-age-to-our-oldest-son-than-the-groom bride. Awesome.

    Robin Thicke is an embarrassment to his lovely mother, Gloria Loring, formerly and fabulously Liz Curtis of 'Days of Our Lives'. Jimmy Fallon is the bomb. And I love the guy playing the banana.

    1. Kat, this made me weepy. Big hugs my friend. God, I have felt jealousy about EVERY SINGLE THING you listed here. Every time a dad picks up his kid at my preschool, and the child runs up to dad and they walk away hand in hand, I get a lump in my throat.

      Every time a friend posts pictures of their family on facebook, mom and dad and kids all smiley, I get sad.

      Right now, I'm watching the mother effing Kardashians on tv and actually thinking that I wish they would all just fall off the face of the earth. These people are awful and vapid and empty and they have everything! Where is the fairness??

      And can I just say this: call the ex and TELL HIM YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE SHIRTS. Screw him! He can go to Target or Walmart and get them "collared shirts" and Great Clips for $9.99 haircuts. I cannot believe the balls on him. For real. I'm seething for you.

      And hello, senior pictures? OMG. Don't get me started. How about the $100 yearbook? Glad I worked this summer.

      Thanks so much for commenting. And hang in there, lady. You are amazing and awesome. Your boys know that.

    2. Regarding senior pictures: They are super expensive and I found a solution. So many of my mom friends are starting photography businesses and they usually will do a discount session in order to have examples for their website and portfolio. We had one session when my daughter was 16 and the photos were amazing... my cost was $0 and I got a disc with the prints. For her senior portraits another friend who is a budding photographer will take her pictures for about 1/8 of the price the school was going to charge.

    3. Twister those are some fabulous tips. I'm actually talking to the extremely talented woman who took all of the photographs for our Listen To Your Mother Show. I have seen her work (obviously) and know she's amazing.

      I have some other friends who are simply awesome photographers. One of them (Whitney) I think could take senior pictures with her phone. No lie.

    4. Awww, thanks for your rage on my behalf. :-)

  7. Girlfriend . . . I think you'd better copyright that one NOW. It could take off!!!!

    1. I will be like the Oprah of plus size workout wear..is that what you're saying??? YEAH!

  8. First of all...
    please do not disrespect my secret love, Alan Thicke. You can dis his woman-hating son, but alan is above reproach. Thank you.

    MuuMuuMelon-- I'll buy some! Please put a pocket in the yoga pants for my cell phone. Thanks.

    And the periods-- OMG. I thought it was just me. I pretty much stay padded all month just in case and carry a supply of baseball bats around. Awful awful awful.

    i love you! Spenser had to wait until 17 to drive because I couldn't afford the driving class, but 17 year olds don't have to have it in GA. Reed just turned 15 so... I recon she'll have to wait too.

    Big Daddy is such a loser and to your friend above--- no way I would buy them shirts for HIS wedding. I would send them in something horrible. :)

    1. Wesley, I'm sorry. I forgot about you and Alan! My apologies.

      Pocket for phone..or for my gum. Both are necessary, so there shall be pockets EVERYWHERE.

      Yah..I have giant tampons everywhere. Purse, car, garage, porch. Seriously. You just never know anymore. I'm over it already. Bring on the menopause.

      Here in MN they have to be 18 before they can skip driver's ed. Charlie is now 19 and still shows zero desire. I guess it helps that his girlfriend has a car, ha. Maybe if they break up he'll find his driving mojo??

      CAN YOU BELIEVE HER EX??? I'd actually send them in clown costumes. Or dressed as grim reapers. "Collared shirts". I'm still pissed off on her behalf.

      Love you Peach.

  9. Wow, I mean, and the winner of the least self aware "human being" award goes to Big Daddy. He and his partner make the parents from "Matilda" and the Dursleys look like angels.

    1. I love that you referenced Matilda. We actually wore out a VHS copy of that movie when the kids were younger. And yes, I think the Dursley's look mighty milquetoast compared to Big Daddy and Skankenstein. Unless of course, you're their child, because I heard they are fabulous parents to him. I'll feel bad for that child when they split.

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Love that picture of you with your boys. So great and theyre so handsome. Dude, I've been jealous lately too but mostly its about people having the urge to write. I've been in a major slump and it sucks yo. Good thing you're still going strong cause I always love your posts.

    1. Thanks Lin. I think they are adorable, but I'm biased.

      Can I tell you how many times I've sat down and started writing a post? ABOUT FIFTEEN. Over the past two weeks. In my opinion, if it feels forced when you write it, it's going to feel forced when people read it. It sucks, so hard, to be in that slump. When I first started blogging I had to tear myself away from the computer because I couldn't stop writing. Now, it's like going to the gym. Some days are better than others, though. I hope it's just a little slump for both of us. I love reading your stuff!

  11. I am the kid whose parents ignored her as soon as she strayed from their Path (you know, the plans they had for my future) by marrying someone I loved. They told me "you made your bed, now lie in it". Well, I've been laying in it for 32 years. I found alternate grandmother material for my girls and they seem not too worse for it.

    One out of three of my kids drive. I really think it IS a generational thing. Getting that license was the big thing for me but they all passed their 17th birthday (driving age is 17 here in NJ) and didn't want to try. Fortunately, there are busses.

    I'm tired of the 'not knowingness' of the period. Some months feel like hell on wheels but there is nothing. some months there is a flood and other months come and o so easily. I can't wait till this is over......

    1. Good on you Donna, for following your heart. That's the way to be.

      My boy who just turned 16 has a burning desire to work and save money and drive. I think he'll be the first of my kids who actually do it. It makes me feel better to hear from others, who have non-drivers too. I was feeling kind of freakish.

      I am with you on the can't wait til it's over thing. I'm done. DONE.

      Thanks for reading!

  12. HH,

    I read your blog all the time but comment very rarely. I have to tell you though, I feel very misled. All this time I had a mental picture in my head drawn by your comments on your appearance, then I see a picture of you with your family and you are gorgeous! (and your boys are cute too, of course!)

    The driving thing is interesting. We live in a suburb where everyone can afford the whole driving rigamarole. Some kids have opted out or are getting it later and some are at the sec of state on their 16th birthday. My daughter is one of those. She even took the test early (you can do that in Michigan) so that she could just pick it up on her birthday.

    1. Anne, you're very sweet. Let's just say that our Benihana waitress is a VERY talented photographer. And hibachi grease really gives the old complexion a nice glow.

      The driving thing is very interesting! Back in my day, we had driver's ed AT SCHOOL. It was part of the curriculum, free of charge! I think my kids will get theirs when it becomes an absolute necessity. Like, when their friends no longer drive them everywhere.

      Thank you so much for reading, and for your kind words.

  13. Had to comment on this post. I really like Robin Thicke and have since his first song came out several years ago. Also, I LOVE "Blurred Lines!" My son turned me on to the song recently but had no idea who sang it at first.

    1. MOMMYOF1! Really?? I have to admit, I've never heard anything else from him. I will go to YouTube, with my head hanging in shame.

      If YOU like him, he can't be all bad.

    2. LOL!...with the exception of this new song, his other stuff is more along the lines of ballads and maybe a few dance tunes.

      Like I said I started liking Blurred Lines before I knew who sang it and/or what it was about. I'm a music lover and honestly, with fast songs, if it has a nice beat to it, I'm good. It's usually later that I realize what the words are...LOL.


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