This "Writing Every Day" Thing is hard.

Oh it was easy the first couple of days, I was all writery like and scrawling post ideas on scraps of paper around the house, sending myself emails with BREAKTHROUGH thoughts and HILARIOUS random observations.

But it's hard to carve out time to sit on my fat ass and force myself to write.  Don't get me wrong, it's rarely difficult for me to find the time to sit in this very spot and watch a Law and Order marathon for an entire Sunday.. but to have to come up with something to say?  Something that will be entertaining and/or thought provoking or something that will make one person out there smile?  It's tough.

Ok, here's some random thoughts:  I'm sitting here watching The Learning Channel.  "My 600-lb. life" is on.  And all I can think is, "Seriously?  Even the 600 pound chick has a husband?  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??".  But she seems like a sweet girl. 

Another random thought:  I've been eating so much cheese that I'm pretty sure if I cut myself right now, warm rivulets of melted brie would flow out of the wound instead of blood.  I'm kind of over cheese.

Mitt Romney now scares me.  Should I be afraid?  Why does he give me the heebie jeebies?  I hate politics.  Too bad we can't have like a Super Heroes cabinet or something like that and let them run things.

Now I'm actually stealing ideas from myself, ideas for my next scintillating Ten on Tuesday post.  So I guess I'll close this truly awful jumble of words with two things:

First one is, can I get an amen?  There's a new lawyer in town.  And she's on my side.  That's all I'm going to say about that one.  But if there was any doubt in my mind that I am surrounded by angels, both above me looking down and here on Earth, walking next to me...that doubt it gone.  Angels are real, folks.  And thankfully, so are attorneys who really, really enjoy helping women just like me.  Stay tuned.

Second is a visual, because it's easy and also usually good for a giggle.  Enjoy.  And I'll be here tomorrow with my Ten.

Yes, I've pinned this picture AND made it my facebook profile picture, so my crossover Pinterest/Facebook/Blog friends are now rolling their eyes and groaning.  Sorry, hens.  But this is funny.  If you're not laughing, it's because you must not have ever watched "Parks and Recreation".  So you need to watch it.  And then check back here, confide in me that you, too, have a secret crush on Aziz Ansari, and then laugh at this funny picture.  Then we'll chant/worship in my Amy Pohler/Tina Fey shrine and have a glass of wine.  It will be lovely.

P.S.  And now I'm sitting here bawling about the 600 lb. lady.  Damn you, TLC.  You get me every time.


  1. Hoping the new lawyer in town kicks ass and takes names.

  2. I remember those good old days when I used to be able to type out three posts a day, now I struggle with three a week. Stupid brain.

    I laughed so hard when I read about the 600 lb married lady. Before I was married I used to think the same thing about ugly/chubby married girls. Yeah, I can be pretty superficial sometimes. And I have to admit, I'm not a Park & Rec fan :/


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