Ten on Tuesday..already

Holla, friends.  Your crazy friend Jenny can still type and I'm back with the TEN.  Not feeling so crazy today.  I had a nice long talk with my ex-mother in law today.  I love her.  We were wrapping up our conversation, when I had a sudden case of Tourette's and blurted out, "Hey, I have to tell you how bad things are here.  I know I shouldn't drag you into this, but I need to talk about it."  And then I proceeded to tell her, in stuttering, weepy, gory detail, how life has been for me and for the kids since Big Daddy stopped paying child support.  Everything, from the foreclosure mess to how I recently made a trip to a food shelf (I haven't shared that story yet, have I?  Oh, I will.  Believe me, I will.).  She was upset.  She was comforting.  She was supportive.  Will it change anything?  I doubt it.  But I feel better.

So anyhoo.  My insanity level is no longer at crisis level.  It's back to functioning level, which is awesome because I got me a whole lotta functioning to do this week.

On with the Ten...

1.  I've been openly bitching about the freakishly warm weather we're having here in Minneapolis, but today I took Walter on a long walk and not once did I worry about slipping on ice and shattering my hip.  So I guess (and I say this with a begrudgingly submissive tone in my voice) this warmer weather is ok.  But it should snow for Christmas, dammit.

2.  Last week, during my mental breakdown on Panic Monday, I threw my phone.  I'm not usually a thrower, but up until that morning I had never crawled under a bathroom vanity and wept before either so it was a day rife with firsts.  Within seconds of doing it, my inner Joan Crawford was flooded with remorse.  But remorse don't buy new phones, does it?  Dammit.  I'm left with 2 choices:  suck up my pride, renew for 2 more years with Satan's Network AT&T and get a new phone, or buy a cheapie go-phone thingie.  Seeing as how I'm penniless this week I have time to think about it.  But lesson learned:  don't throw tech items.

3.  Addendum to the phone thing:  It's not so bad being phoneless.  But I will admit I'm wondering how many booty call texts I've missed.  (did you hear my sarcasm?)

4.  Please let the Christmas commercials end.  Please.  Especially the Best Buy ones.  What do all those bitches have against Santa, anyway?

5.  Little known fact:  Howie Mandel voiced Gizmo in "Gremlins."  Who knew?

6.  I've been watching Friends reruns on Nick at Nite.  It's conveniently on at my bedtime.  Once again, Chandler is my favorite and Monica bugs the crap out of me.  Is it wrong that I now have a bunch of first grade girls at my school saying, "How YOU doin'?"?  And OMG, the high waist jeans.  My eyes, oh my eyes.

7.  Does Google Chrome work?  Ever?

8.  So thanks to some Redbox freebies, I've watched Friends With Benefits, Crazy Stupid Love and Our Idiot Brother.  The only one I can recommend?  Crazy Stupid Love.  It was sweetly predictable (with one major OMG moment) but super good.  And I have to warn you:  Our Idiot Brother contains a "seen from behind BALL shot".  And I'm not talking about a basketball.  Naked man, bent over.  Not a pretty sight in real life, definitely a shocker in a movie.  Especially when you're sitting next to your 16 year old daughter.  Awkward.

9.  So in an attempt to drum up some business on eBay, I added "Best Offer" on all of my items.  So far, it's been working meh, ok.  But I forgot how bad my eyes used to hurt from ROLLING so much after getting some ridiculous low-ball offers.  Really?  Ninety percent off the asking price?  I'd have to be living in a cardboard lean-to, going to the library to use the internet and posting auctions using pictures I've drawn with a Sharpie before accepting that.  (and yes, sometimes I do accept those offers because money is money and beggars can't be choosers.  But still!  Really??)

10.  I'd like to admit something, something that may change the way you feel about me.  Something I've never told anyone.  I've been a liar, I've been a faker.  I've pretended to love them, sung (sang??) along to their songs, watched the movies..but I don't like The Beatles.  I do love The Grateful Dead though.

Come up with YOUR ten and post them over at Linny's Vault.  She's awesome because she admits to having chub rub.  And that makes me like her even more.

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I don't like the Beatles either!

  2. 1. You saw my FB post today. I effin' LOVE this weather, but I'm a snow-hater. I have a freakish fear of slipping and falling.
    2 and 3. Had you had a phone on which to receive texts, you would've received a weepy one from me after my tantrum last night. I scared my two younger kids to tears. I did get an amazingly sweet and utterly hilarious homemade "I'm sorry" card from them though. You have to see it. You will LOL.
    4. I haven't seen this. But I would probably dislike it.
    5. I feel this bit of info may come in handy at trivia some day.
    6. But you know you envied Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe's clothes back in the day, jeans and all.
    7. What is Google Chrome?
    8. That was a lovely night on the Red Couch. I enjoyed Walter's cuddles.
    9. Some days I miss the 'Bay. Most days I don't.
    10. I enjoy the Beatles. But mostly the lesser-played songs. Don't get the Grateful Dead appeal.

    P.S. Curious to see if MIL throws you a bone anytime soon. But mostly I hope she does what a good mother should do and go over to her son's house and beats his ass.

  3. LOL @ #9--Auto decline is your friend :)

    And I heart the Beatles. AND the Grateful Dead. (Who I actually saw live, the summer of 1985, in Hershey PA, with my Pre-Chris college boyfriend)

  4. 1. I hate cold weather but I agree that it has to be winter-y on Christmas. It just has too be.
    2. Haha I've thrown SO many things & regretted it later. Sorry about your phone. Maybe next time you can throw a pillow or punch your mattress?
    3. Whaaat? Missed booty calls, darn.
    4. Agreed. Santa's a nice man dammit, leave him alone you bullies.
    5. Shut. Up! Really?
    6. I will forever & ever love this show.
    7. It works perfectly for me. *shrug*
    8. Backdoor ball shot huh? I may just have to watch it to say I've seen it. <- the ball shot, not the movie lol
    10. Do I sense Jenny being a bit of a pot head hippie...? Grateful Dead huh? Love it! However, I'm going to choose ignore the fact that you said that about the Beatles cause I love ya ;)

    Thanks for the laughs hon!


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