So I watched that Drew Barrymore movie this weekend...

You know, the one where she plays the quirky girl caught up in a whirlwind relationship with the slightly goofy guy? The one where they fall in love, break up and then get back together at the end?

Yeah, that one.


  1. Do I sense a continuation of the last blog entry?

  2. Well...it was no "50 First Dates". But I will say that having Jason What'sHisName from SNL in there saved it for me.

    He rings my bell. And that 70's mustache, sadly, didn't phase me in the least. "Time Machine". LOL...

    And Dr. Laura...we shall see. Although I would be a bit surprised if anything happened. I did a pretty good job of burning that bridge. He'd have to be a very forgiving person to even give me the time of day again.

  3. It didn't faze me, either. My God, that is like the 10th time I've mixed up my faze/phase in the past month.


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