Conversations with Strep Boy

My William was home sick for two days, strep throat hit. And yes, it hit us a mere week after I had bragged to one of my friends that, "We NEVER get strep!". Watch what you say.

Anyhoo. So I had two days filled with random conversation with him. And I loved it. I think as your kids get older you tend to forget the hours you used to spend on the back and forth with their insatiably curious brains. I'm not happy he was sick but I am glad we had some time together.

"Mom, if zombies were attacking would you let us get guns?"

"Mom: Do you think Michael Jackson is in heaven?"

"Mom, there's this little kid on the bus and one time I think me and Matt made him cry. Should I say sorry next time I see him?"

"Mom. What's the worst food in the world?"

"Mom. Can we see if there are any zombie movies on?"

"Mom! Come here quick! I just did the coolest thing with this penny!"

"Mom get in here now, I just found the biggest spider!" (and he did. And it was terrifying. We captured it and let it out in the backyard and then spent the next 40 minutes Googling "Biggest spiders in Minnesota")

"Mom; if someone paid you a million, trillion dollars would you kill a squirrel?"

"Mom. Why don't you have a real job?"

"Mom, time how fast it takes me to spin in a circle."

"Mom, again. I want it to be at least 20 miles per hour."

"Mom, can we get McDonalds?"

"You're mean."

"Mom, can you come downstairs with me? Do you have like some laundry to do or something? I want to play XBOX."

"Mom. What if I took ALLLLLlllll of my medicine in one day. Wouldn't that cure me?"

"Mom. Where are you??"

"Mom. Why are you playing Bejeweled Blitz again?"

"Mom...I think the big kids are home."

"Mom, do you think I'll be better to go to school tomorrow? What if I wake up and I'm still sick?"

Needless to say, Strep Boy went back to school today. I'm not worrying about lack of conversation, though.

Charlie the man/child woke up with strep symptoms. This may be a long week.


  1. The sick kid is a mixed blessing. We miss work. They miss school work. When they are healthy we send them to school and we are glad to have our free time but we realize we miss. so. much. Mine are growing up and away right before my eyes. I'm looking forward to some bad stomach viruses and fevers this year.

  2. Yes, you saw it Whitney. I know how much we miss from their lives. I think about it all the time. I miss my kids like I'd miss a limb when they are gone, truly. I wanted to clutch William to my core and not let go over the past few days, but he'd have none of it. I look at him and I want to freeze his expressions, his face, his movements, only for this second. And have the freedom to walk into a freezer a decade or so into the future and call upon this "old frozen William" to remind me of what has passed. Love our boys. Good and bad, naughty and nice. Love them. They are like ethereal shadows. Gone before we can see them.

  3. Heartache. Hank is such a wannabe 17 year old. Yet he was in our bed two nights ago because of a bad dream. Life is so good but it hurts!

  4. I love my kids and yours. The things they say are worth their own sitcom.


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