Dalmatians? Nope.

This is officially my 101st post. If I had posted every single draft I have started, tried to finish, maybe finished but didn't like? I'd have almost 200. So consider yourself lucky that I have at least a partial filter on this thing, otherwise you'd be subjected to a whole lotta Jenny dreck. And I can't thank you enough for reading the stuff I have decided to post. Whether or not you are aware of it, me writing this blog and you 10 or so kind ladies (and one gent, Jeff...maybe two if we count Big Daddy) reading it has been a majorly good thing in my life.

At the very least? My typing speed is improving.

In honor of this historically important post, here are 101 Random Thoughts, Facts and Other Flotsam and Jetsam from Jenny's Brain (don't worry, my attention will wane at about 30...):

1. I believe you can tell a lot about a person's character by observing whether or not they put their shopping carts away in the parking lot "corrals" provided by stores.

2. I have never had a professional manicure or pedicure.

3. I read Stephen King's "The Stand" in one day when I was 17.

4. I begin almost every day of my life with 2 fried eggs and one piece of toast.

5. I was diagnosed with ADD about 6 years ago and have been taking Adderall intermittently ever since. Without health insurance it was approx. $500 a month, thus the "intermittent" part.

6. If I had been diagnosed with ADD and treated earlier in my life, I believe things would be very different for me.

7. My eldest child is named Charlie for 2 reasons: After Charles Barkley and because I saw the movie "Scent of A Woman" while pregnant and loved Chris O'Donnell's character.

8. The sound of Dave Matthew's voice makes me want to drop trou. Which is embarrassing if I hear it out in public.

9. I don't discuss politics with friends.

10. I met Chris Farley and George Wendt on the same night. I wept when Farley died.

11. I screen my calls. That said, I rarely have my cell phone nearby, and chances are no matter where it is, it's on vibrate. I usually miss the four or so calls I get a week. Sorry Mom.

12. When I'm on facebook I keep myself offline. If you see me online, it's either because one of my kids got to my account or I desperately need to talk to someone.

13. My daughter is named Molly after Molly Ringwald. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. John Hughes movies provided the soundtrack for my teens.

14. I've been a Sunday School teacher for the past 3 years. Don't laugh! This fall I'm going to move onto Confirmation with this same group and be their Small Group Leader. I said stop laughing.

15. Getting and staying pregnant was ridiculously easy for me. It's a miracle that I only did it four times. If I wasn't so old, I'd be a surrogate in a heartbeat.

16. I love doing laundry. No lie. LOVE IT.

17. Two books have changed my life: The World According To Garp and Push by Sapphire. Both for immensely different reasons.

18. I believe that every kid deserves a chance. Some deserve a multitude of chances. The world would be a better place if every kid had at least one good adult in their life.

19. Being nice is way easier than being a bitch. But sometimes the bitch just comes out.

20. My last break-up ended with my former lovah telling me, "You treat people like shit." That hurt. I think it's partially true...not that I do it on purpose, but I have poor interpersonal skills. I'm working on it.

21. I love, love, LOVE movies based on comic books. Watchmen made me cry.

22. I have never, ever had a flat stomach. Even at my fittest, before-babies-best, I had a pooch.

23. I hate talking on the phone. Hate it.

24. I have long hair but I'm beginning to feel awkward about it. I kind of "get" why women get short haircuts after a certain age now.

25. Speaking of hair...mine started getting some gray when I hit 36. If I didn't color it, I think it'd be about 45% silver. I wish I had the balls to just stop coloring it. But I think I might look like a bag lady.

26. It's essential for me to have some utterly alone time at least once a week. I go insane without it.

27. I think that whoever says "Money can't buy you happiness" has never been really poor. I don't know about happiness but money sure helps keep your kids fed.

28. I think every person in this country should watch a few episodes of Hoarders. It epitomizes the over-abundance and gluttony in America (with a healthy dollop of mental illness thrown in). And every time I watch an episode, I end up bringing a few bags of "hoardy stuff" to a donation drop stop the next morning.

29. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's why every t.v. in my house weighs 1000 lbs. and is the size of a portable dishwasher. Hey, they still work.

30. I love Ikea, but let's face it...whatever you buy there will be broken in under a year. It's "Pinewood Derby" furniture. (My bed is from Ikea, though, and remains unharmed. Probably due to lack of activity).

31. Seeing dead animals on the road makes me sad.

32. I think as a rule, most men drive like they screw. Some are patient and courteous, others are rude, abrasive and just want to get to the finish line first. Sadly the patient ones are usually senior citizens driving Buicks.

33. It is complete insanity that it costs $10.00 to go see a movie now. A movie that will most likely not be really good, and in all certainty will be on DVD within 8 weeks. Unless I start dating again, I'm boycotting. I know, the theater owners are trembling.

34. I'm a t.v. whore. I'll watch anything. Except NASCAR. And that Suite Life show.

35. I think freckles are cute.

36. I served as a pallbearer at my grandpa's funeral. Hands down the most emotionally hard-hitting moment of my life, yes even more so than having babies and getting divorced. He was a good man. Saying goodbye is tough.

37. I don't care if a guy looks like Quasimodo, put him in a cop/fireman/construction uniform and I'd do him. Ok maybe not do him, but I will look. The fact that "Rescue Me" is like 48 minutes of soft porn for me will attest to this fact.

38. My gaydar is strong and accurate. I called Lance Bass eons ago. I'm still waiting for a certain Jonas Brother to find the handle on the closet door.

39. You have to be a pretty ginormous asshole for me to not like you. Even if you're just a slight asshole chances are I'll cut you some slack.

40. Chances are slim to none that I'll ever get married again...and Slim ain't looking so good.

41. Yes I do believe that John Travolta and Tom Cruise aren't quite what they're advertised to be. Like, heterosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

42. On that note, I had washed my hands of Tom Cruise until I saw him as Les Grossman. Get back get back, you don't know me like that. Priceless. Tom is redeemed.

43. I can't cook. Ok, I can make two things really well: Curry Chicken and Pot Roast. Anything other than that, it's questionable.

44. I was on anti-depressants for about 10 months. I know they really help some people but I felt like a comatose, emotionless zombie on those things. Quit cold turkey.

45. Two things that I try not to keep in my house: booze and potato chips. Not much good can come from either.

46. I can't wear wool. Nor can I wear jewelry that isn't gold or silver.

47. I collect Christmas ornaments/decor from the 50's and 60's. I think I was born in the wrong era.

48. I still dream about my ex-husband, at least a couple times a month. And in my dreams, we're usually quite amicable. Which means that maybe my subconscious is more mature than me.

49. Yeah I know, we're supposed to be feeding our kids whole foods and natural grains and yada yada, but whole wheat pasta sucks. No matter how much butter and cheese you put on it.

50. Where did I say I'd start to wane? I'm waning. Maybe I'll just call this my half-assed list of 101 Random Thoughts, Facts and Other Flotsam and Jetsam from Jenny.

51. If you care to comment, tell me a few things about you that fit in with this theme...I'm dying to know.

And that's a wrap ♥


  1. #1. Or putting away the groceries you decide you don't want instead of placing them on some random shelf.

    #2. I had a professional manicure just once.

    #3. I read Jaws and the Exorcist one summer. Saw Jaws in the theater and vomited. Couldn't bring myself to see the Exorcist. Had nightmares from reading the book. (I think I was about 12.)

    #7. I thought your boys were named after the royal family :)

    #25. Have yet to color my hair. I don't want to start, then have to keep it up. Highlights kind of work for me.

    #49. Trader Joes' whole wheat spaghetti and rotini are good!


    I never thought I'd have a pet rabbit. I do, and I love her like crazy.

    I hurt when my kids hurt. Sometimes, though, I want to tell them to "get over it."

    I really, really want to not smoke.

    I'm tired more than not.

    I'm optimistic.

  2. Yep, there's something so defiantly lazy about not putting something from the frozen section back, isn't there?

    Ha, the royal family. I get that a lot. And I'm painfully jealous that you don't have to color your hair! It's so pretty.

    Ditto the kid thing, both parts.

    Thank you for your input, lady.

  3. Jenny-
    *you have got to gt a pedicure...really...you have to..it just makes wearing flip flops so much better!!

    1. I can't and don't wear high heels, they hurt my feet, I'm just not grownup enough to do it.
    2. I don't try to wear heels because my hubby is shorter than me when I do.
    3.I am currently the heaviest I have ever been (well maybe a bit heavier at one point, but i was carrying a 9lb 8oz baby in my belly then.
    4. I am sad that I am fat and I hate my friend K who just lost ginormous amounts of weight this summer. I am like seethingly jealous of her!
    5. I am thankful for my reconstucted boobs that insurance paid for. Breast reduction was the best thing I have ever done!! (I may be fat, but I have a rockin'rack!)
    6. I worry every single stinkin day that one of my parents will die. I know we all die, but I just am so consumed with the thought of losing them.
    7. Speaking of death, Taylor's best friend Kyle has a birthday on Friday, except he is in heaven, and has been for almost 2 years. I think of him everyday and miss him so much it hurts.
    8. We adopted a new puppy and love him, but the vet said he has OCD....great..only I would get an OCD dog (do you think I could make him OCD about cleaning??)
    9. This list is very therapeutic...if I didn't think you all would think I was crazy, I would keep going....

  4. Oh Kelly. I remember when Kyle left...how is his family doing? I think it's AWESOME that Taylor was able to be friends with him while he was here, what a valuable thing that friendship was to both of them. I hope he's running around playing football or soccer up in heaven ♥

    I'm fat right now too and hate it. And I'm proud of you for admitting your jealously. I feel that way too, way more than I should.

    And I'm sorry but I have to laugh at the OCD puppy! What's his name?? And how exactly does a dog demonstrate OCD? Licking?? Details and pics, please!

  5. Kyles family is OK, I guess as OK as anyone can be when your 10 year old son dies unexpectedly. None of them have gone over the brink of insanity, although a few are close. Hes definately running and making friends and watching over us all.

    Max is his name, his pics are on Facebook. He is obsessed with shadows, any shadows, especially ones that move, like the front door when it opens and shuts. The vet said if we don't break him of his obsession, he will have to medicate! LOL Doggy-prozac....

  6. #2--pedicures are the bomb. I've only had a few, but I love them.

    #3--I don't remember what year I first read The Stand, but I reread it every few years.

    #24 & 25--I have had the same hairstyle, basically, for most of my life. For the same reason I don't decorate or paint. I'm afraid to do anything different. And I too started going gray at...35, actually, the same year I needed glasses & started to gain weight. Ugh.

    #27--this is something I've given lots of thought to, as my best friend became unexpectedly VERY wealthy a few years ago. And it's true. Money buys security, but it most certainly doesn't buy happiness. There is a very real difference. It is true, though, that it's hard to feel happiness when you don't feel secure. But I can't begin to tell you the amount of anxiety & strife it brings. You don't have to worry about paying the light bill, but you have to worry about things like everyone you've ever known treating you differently and worrying constantly about your children growing up "normal" and thinking women will throw themselves at your husband every chance they can because he has money...

    #41 Have you ever seen the South Park episode where Tom Cruise won't come out of Cartman's closet? John Travolta goes in to try to talk him into coming out..."Hey, it's pretty nice in here..."

    #47 Just got done watching Mad Men on the DVR with Laura--she was definitely born in the wrong era. She loves everything 60s, from the Beatles to the shoes, to the makeup to the skinny ties.

    I was going to write some more, but my attention has waned now too :)

  7. #25: Just do it Jenny! It was one of the most liberating decisions I have ever made to stop coloring last December. Some days I feel a bit "schlumpy", but I really don't think it has anything to do with my hair, deep down. You'd be an awesome Silver Fox!

  8. 2. I've had a pedicure maybe 4 or 5 times. I love the soaking part, hate the touching part. I don't like people in my space or touching me a lot, especially strangers. I only get them when feet crust is grossing me out and don't feel like dealing with it myself. The last lady told me that I don't have any calusses, just extremely dry skin. That was back in May and I have maybe used some foot cream 4 times since then. (This was all way TMI wasn't it?)

    3. I read Stephen King's The Stand the summer I was 19, during my first sinus abcess (yes, I've had more than 1) and the gross stuff in the book was just a little too eerily similar to what was happening to me in real life. But I had some good pain meds that made me all loopy and that somehow made it all OK.

    8. I ♥ Dave. The song Satellite will always, always make me feel all melty inside (in a really good way.)

    12. I keep myself offline on FB too!

    13. All those John Hughes movies came out at the exact time that I was the exact age of the characters. Sixteen Candles was in theaters just a couple weeks before my 16th birthday. Ferris Beuhller took his day off the week I graduated. All of those Hughes characters were born in 1968 and I loved them.

    18. Oh I so agree!

    22. Me either. Always had the little roll of fat below the belly button. My mother claims she even used to pin my diapers over it.

    25. Started plucking out the grays at 17. :( Been using the at-home haircolor very regularly since my early 20's. Currently color + highlight it all every 5-6 weeks becuase it grows so fast and I have pretty much solid gray roots at 42. The upside is that L'Oreal pretty much has my natural childhood color in a box - complete w/ those "natural streaks!" (Well, they used to be natural.)

    26. It's essential for me to have some utterly alone time at least once an hour.

    27-29. Yes, yes, OMG YES!

    49. Try the Ronzoni Smart pasta - it's awesome. It's a high fiber white pasta that is enriched with loads of calcium and vitamin D. As long as you don't overcook it, it tastes and "feels" just like white pasta, looks the same, everything. My mom's diabetic and even she can have it. And if you sign up on the website they will send you coupons! http://ronzonismarttaste.newworldpasta.com/


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