Home Alone- not.

So, according to the kids, Big Daddy has been making references to me not being home when the kids are home. They first brought it up just this past Sunday. I wasn't home when he brought them back after his weekend. He said something to the kids like, "If she doesn't get back soon you call me." Like I was out taking Ecstasy and humping 20 year olds. You know where I was?

My friend is out of town, and I've been taking care of her cats. I had stopped over there to make sure the cats had food and water. So yes, I guess filling a bowl with Kitty Chow and cleaning out a litter box is kind of wild and crazy, but I did make it home before sunrise.

When they told me about that one, I thought to myself, "Asshat." and let it go.

But a couple of them came back home from a night with Big Daddy just this evening. And they again said that he made some reference to me not being here, and him gallantly offering up his "fatherly services" so my poor neglected babies wouldn't sit here, shivering in the dark until mommy stumbles home from her shift at the Chubby Chaser's Booby Bar. Except, I was here. Jersey Shore Season Two premiered tonight, where the hell else would I be?

So I was talking to one of my kids about it, and asked their opinion. Kid said, "Maybe he's trying to make you sound like a bad parent so he feels better." I said, "Do you think I am a bad parent? Do you think I leave you guys alone a lot?" Kid thought a second and then said, "No. You're always here. You should get out more."

Then the kid said something about bad parenting, kind of a "pot, meet kettle" reference, which I won't post here because I don't want anyone getting their feelings hurt.

But I guess my child's reasoning makes sense. Maybe Big Daddy needs to make himself feel better about the job of parenting that he's done thus far. Maybe he's starting to feel some guilt about not helping out more in the whole area of support. Maybe the fact that he's trying to make baby number 5 (God help us, one and all) is nudging him to try and be a better dad. Who knows. Who cares?

If this little act of passive-aggressiveness helps clear his muddled conscience, makes him feel like he's the King Shit of Dadland, then he can have it. I can take it. I've dealt with worse.

I know, and more importantly, my kids know the truth. I'm always here. And I'll stay here as long as they need me.


  1. What a fucktard! It's not like the kids are toddlers or babies! James is 12 and I leave him alone at times. He likes it.

    Not sure how to select a profile. Think I have to do it anomynous but it's me! SL

  2. Hey SL!!! I know, I know...they're all capable of finding light switches, calling 911 and wiping their own butts. I wish I had more excuses to leave!

  3. Are you going to court anytime soon? He may just be collecting negative data on you. Document these dates and continue to parent the kids to the best of your ability like you always do.

    I know a dad that came back later and sued for full custody of only one child (out of three), won, and took him out of his family home and school district, all his friends at age 14(9th grade). It was devastating to the child, his mother and siblings, a complete mess.

    Be diligent! (this is CD, B-man's mom)

  4. Whose out on Jersery Shore night?? ( Well I was, but I recored it!).
    It's funny, but when Big Daddies know they might be getting a letter, that might involve paying more money.. they try and find fault in anything in their ex's. Tell him to worry about what his next pair shoes will be! Hugs Girlfriend! Kelly

  5. We're going to court in Sept., and if he's trying to collect negative data on me he better have a big shovel and a flashlight. I have no time, no money to be out doing Mom Gone Wild stuff. I see him and the Homewrecker driving by sometimes, it's flattering in a creepy Robert DeNiro/Cape Fear kind of way. But seriously...aside from a glass of wine here and there I am like a freaking nun.

  6. And what kind of person sues for custody for just one kid?? Obviously someone who has great faith in therapy. That's sick.

    Kelly I missed the bulk of Jersey Shore! The kids came home :o)

  7. ewww- My Dad did that to my Mom and Brother.. those drive byes.. and even had the nerve to sneak thru the backyards and peep into the windows.. to what.. pay less? Deadbeats!

  8. Your kids will always know you were there and always will be :)


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