One of my favorite memories...

Ok, so maybe it's not one of my favorite memories, but it certainly is one of the funniest. No, scratch that. It is one of my favorites.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, just to sort of see what's out there. And reading all of the "mommy blogs" is totally bringing back memories of that insane period of time when the inmates were truly running the asylum.

More specifically, that little wedge of time when I was the proud stay-at-home with four kids all under the age of 6. In those days, I took my breaks where I could get them, and some days the only alone times I had were the blessed few seconds I could sit down on the toilet with the door closed (the times I sat on the toilet while nursing a baby don't count).

During these little potty breaks, more often than not I would have at least one child pressed up against the other side of the door, wanting to talk about which sibling was looking at them, what I was doing, is there a heaven for bugs, why can't we have snow cones for lunch, etc. Point is, if I didn't have an audience watching, I for sure had one listening.

So one of these times I was unwrapping a tampon. Being pregnant and nursing for just about 6 consecutive years comes with one very nice advantage: no visits from Evil Aunt Flo. So getting to know that wench again after over 5 years without seeing or hearing from her was just another thrill in my already super-exciting life.

Anyway, apparently this tampon had an extraordinarily crinkly wrapper...the child with their ear pressed up against the door made an audible gasping noise, and I heard them scramble down the stairs and scream, "MOMMY HAS CANDY IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!"

Talk about disappointment.

Cherish those moments, mommies.


  1. "Mommy has candy in the bathroom!" ROTFLMAO!

  2. I can SO hear my kidlets saying that! LOL!

  3. That is way too funny! I am impressed your kids stay outside the door - Mine just barge right in. Of course with all girls they going to have to deal with it themselves sooner or later (I'm hopping for later -though I think it will be sooner)

  4. Deb the only reason they would stay out is the lock...that's the only reason.


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