Toyota's latest ad campaign: fail

Can't quite figure out exactly where they are going with the Sienna campaign. For sure, it's derivative of "Modern Family"/"Parenthood", but it's not hooking me the way sweet little Manny does in his boy-sized Nat Nast shirts.

The dad, for one thing. I don't quite get it, he's obviously supposed to be a watered down David Cross...but there's something off about him. I see many, many of his kind every time I go to Costco, not navigating the Parking Lot From Hell in a Sienna but usually perusing dog treats with their boyfriend. The mom is clearly a cross between Claire on Modern Family (my least favorite t.v. character, I think, EVER) and perhaps the blond chick on 30 Rock (runner up for my least favorite character). Whatever. Add the just-slightly-off casting with the dropping of urban slang that's stale enough to be ironic (swagger? really?) and you have a steaming pile of not funny.

Just my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. Those ads make me want to buy another used Buick LeSabre.


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