Take heed, frugal Costco shoppers.

I am allllll about saving money. Believe me, if something can be found on the cheap, I am the bloodhound sniffing it out. But there is some truth to the adage "You get what you pay for."

Case in point: Kirkland's version of Ivory (or is it Dove??) soap. I was at Costco, remembered that we were out of soap and headed over to pick up my pallet of Ivory. Clever marketing monkeys, those Costco folks. They had their version sitting right there, next to my pure white, gentle bars. What is that you say, Costco? I can save $3.00 if I buy your brand? Well, sure. After all, soap is soap, right?

Not exactly. As I sit here at the computer, my nether-regions are on fire. I feel as though I scrubbed myself with jet fuel and brillo pads. I wonder if I'll be able to ride my bike tomorrow.

I'm sorry, bottom parts. You shall never be forced to suffer like this again. The Kirkland imposters will be relegated to the mancave bathroom post-haste, and I will be marching into Costco tomorrow to retrieve my sweet Ivory.

Lesson learned.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry ... I totally know how you feel. I have really good luck on Dove bar soap at Big Lots (LOVE BIG LOTS), and the laundry detergent Aldi (LOVE ALDI) doesn't bother my nether regions, or other skin :) I also use the baby soap from Aldi as a body wash.

  2. Big Lots, huh? I haven't been there in a long time, I'll have to check it out!

    I'm relieved that my nerves are still working anywhere below the neck. I was worried about atrophy.

  3. Sistah, I did the exact.same.thing. Felt all good stewardiish with the money saving by purchasing the cheaper brand over my beloved Dove only to find it was impossible to feel 'rinsed off' and holy heck! It was the gift that kept on giving....even after copious, frantic rinsing. We used up the rest of the boxes because I refuse to waste but ouch! Never again!


  4. This is terrible ! And I was going to purchase some of that generic Kirkland Dove Wannabe soap. Thank goodness I read this blog post . You just saved my nether regions a case of itch, burning and irritation. Thank you!!

  5. I completely agree. It's not dove. I'm hoping I can return it.


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