can you hear me now?

Guten tag...just a brief introduction and hello from me, the happy hausfrau. I'm a 43 year old woman from the glorious suburbs of Minneapolis. Fate and some catastrophic life choices have resulted in me being a single mom to four kids, whom I love with all my heart despite (or maybe because of) their having inherited many of my tiny yet frightening OCD personality traits. I also have a dog named Walter. I am madly in love with him and not ashamed to admit it.

Anyhoo. It's a pleasure to be here....my friend has been telling me for a long time that I "have to start a blog" so Whitney, here's to you. If this is half as therapeutic as Facebook it's all good.



  1. Hi Jenny Love,
    Been meaning to read your blog, so here I am starting at the beginning. Asking you now to forgive me for commenting on things from 3 years ago, but know that I will be there in that moment experiencing it for the first time! Hugs to you!


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