Weigh in Thursday...I guess eating my weight in pulled pork sandwiches wasn't such a great idea..

I gained.

Ok, so I only gained 2 ounces, but still.  I was on a roll, man!  But...I did let things go over the past couple of weeks.  I stayed within my points, though, so my theory that WHAT you eat still matters has been proven true.  I bet if I had eaten extra avocados or extra helpings of turkey on my wraps or something along those lines, it would have been a different story.

But no...I indulged.  I ate graduation party food for two days straight.  BBQ sandwiches, pasta salad, POTATO CHIPS (with French onion dip, seriously I could eat that combo for-freaking ever).  And wine..oh the wine.  There was the intimate after-party, where a few hens stayed to help clean up and believe you me, by the end of the evening we were all sporting some purty purple teeth.  Of course there was leftover wine, two boxes of Trader Joe's finest.  And that's kind of like having an open bag of chips in the house.  "Just a little glass"...followed by "just another little bit".  Oh, I counted the points, because I'm not going to try and lie to myself, but still.  My cavalier attitude towards all things Weight Watchers came back and kicked me right in my chubby ass.

That's ok, though.  I did curse myself, loudly and with great contempt, in front of the Weight Watchers lady.  "I knew it!" I said out loud when I saw the results after I stepped onto the scale.  She actually looked a little shocked, and said, "You know what?  It's two ounces.  You basically had a maintaining week.  Don't beat yourself up!  You're here, you know what to do."

She's right, of course.  I know what to do.  And I did it today.  Drank gallons of water, ate sensibly and tracked all of it.

Next week will be better.  But can I admit something?  That food was good. 

Oh yes, and I started my new job this week!  Well, not the actual JOB job, preschool doesn't start for another couple of weeks, but I attended meetings, did the CPR/First Aid training and helped set up classrooms.  I came away with a couple of thoughts:

1.  Meetings are boring.
2.  This is a really cool job.  I'm psyched.
3.  Our school district is pretty amazing...we give kids great starts, and I'm so proud to be part of it.

But I'm a little worried about keeping up with the super fun stuff in life:  laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, parenting.  How do you ladies who work do it?  Hmmm Jenny...you have somehow managed to watch three seasons of Supernatural over the past two weeks.  Mayhap there is some extra time?  By the way, how I love that show.  Sexy Demon Hunters.  Plus a crap-ton of pop culture references.  It's all I need. 

I had some pretty cool things happen this week but I feel as though I'm stepping up to the point of being freaky stalker fan so I won't gab too much about it. Unfortunately, if we're friends on the facebook, you know already because I tend to SHARE my joys (also my pains but that's another post).  But I now need to learn to get over my fear of Twitter, and also to be thankful that I have so many amazing, supportive friends who cheer me on and never stop.  I love you guys!

And also go buy and read Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen books.  Because those chicks are awesome.

Now my Mrs. "Lovey" Howell sleep mask calls...this working girl is tired.  Tired and happy. 

Oooh almost forgot, the weigh in.  Not a good week but considering all of the forbidden fruit I shoved into my mouth, it's not so terrible.

Week 1:  4 lbs.
Week 2:  3.8 lbs.
Week 3:  3.2 lbs.
Week 4:  1.4 lbs.
Week 5:  3.4 lbs.
Week 6:  1.8 lbs.
Week 7: + .2 lbs.

Grand total:  17.4 pounds.  Still not too shabby.

Week 8 will be awesome.  


  1. How do I work full time & go to school as a single mom? Simple. I learned the art of 'letting it slide', taught my kids how to do their own laundry (and was shocked to find out Callista is *not* the only 11 year old in her class doing so), and don't ask, but expect the kids to help out around the house w/ chores, etc . Last I checked, family means pulling together to make it work, and we do, so you can, too!

    1. Oh Amanda, I need to start relinquishing some of my control issues around the house. That will make it easier! It's been years of me saying "Auggh I'll just do it, so it gets done fast and right".

      I don't know if I can let anyone do the laundry though. That's my "special time", ha!

      You inspire me so much, lady.

  2. I just L O V E your blog. It makes my day when I go to see if you have posted and find a new one!! :). Thanks for always putting a smile on my face (ok some of the sad ones make me cry) and making me laugh out loud. The only other writer to do that is James Lileks in the Strib--do you ever read his columns? So funny. Anyway, you go girl!!! It's a marathon not a sprint with ww or something like that. I'm inspired by you!!! Have an awesome weekend!!

    1. Awww Kirsten thank you! And yes I LOVE James L., he makes me guffaw.

      I needed to hear the marathon/sprint comment. Even the best marathoners stumble, right?

      Thanks for your constant support! You are a gem.


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