Weigh In Thursday: It's Still Thursday somewhere, right?

I'm sure you've been DYING all day, waiting to find out what this week's loss was....right?  Well, it's posted down at the end.  Not awesome this week, but to be honest with you I wasn't expecting the scale to show much.  I didn't have that "OMG I'm shrinking!!" feeling I had the first three weeks, despite the fact that I was getting way more exercise.

I think one of the things that slowed down my progress this week was the fact that "Let's Drink" Jenny elbowed "Let's Eat" Jenny aside and took control a few nights.  Nothing awful, and I did stay within my daily points allotment, but there were a couple of nights that I opted to have three cocktails instead of my usual one or two.  I've heard from several WW ladies that they saw a substantial slow-down or (gasp) gain during the weeks they chose to imbibe more than they usually did.  So I'm thinking my loss would have been at least double what it was had I not chosen to indulge.

Although let me say that the Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka IS TO DIE FOR.  See for yourself, ladies:

Say hello to my little friend

Here's how my friend Danielle and I prepared these glasses of loveliness:

1 jigger (that's about a shot and a half, using a standard shot glass, not a giant one, you lushes) of Skinnygirl Cucumber vodka
Diet Tonic
Slice of cucumber
(and we added a slice of lime too...YUM) 

4 PointsPlus for my WW friends.

I will also say that Skinnygirl is expensive.  This is not a drink my broke ass will be making a nightly ritual, if you know what I'm saying.  

I was all set to say "No cocktails" this week, to see if my hypothesis is on the money, but then I remembered we are having our Big Ass Trivia Party on Sunday night.  

My trivia team plays at TGIF's.  And when you win at trivia, you get Friday's gift cards.  Back in the day, we used to just split up the winnings that night, and everyone enjoyed a little (or a lot) of $$ off of their tab.  But then we got to thinking, "Hey...how about we save up the gift cards and then in a few months have a big party with all the winnings??"  and that is how the Big Ass Trivia Party was born.  

So Sunday night our team has over $1000 in Friday's gift cards to use up.  I suppose I could just order a Diet Coke, but what fun would that be?  I'll be laying off the alcohol for the rest of the week though, just to see if that makes a difference.  

I don't really have much to Weigh In about this week...I do have to thank a few of my awesome readers for contacting me about the Bible references I made last Weigh In Thursday.  You know who you are, and I think you are very sweet and very kind to take time out of your day to tell me that I am not, in fact, an abomination.  Thank you.

Oh wait...I am going to weigh in on this:  

One random night at trivia, that CeCe Peniston song "Finally" came on.  Danielle and I were both singing along to it, and I said, "This song will always remind me of the very first season of 'Real World', when Julie and Norm and Heather B. are all roller skating at the Roxy, and Heather B. was skating and singing along to this!".  Danielle stared at me for a second, and then burst out laughing.  "Oh my GAWD" she exclaimed, "I was JUST THINKING that!".  So we guffawed our butts off for a good five minutes, and the next day I found "The Real World: Season One" on eBay for $9.00.  

We patiently waited for it to arrive, talking about how awesome it was going to be to see Heather B. doing her little skate/dance/singalong.  I found myself humming the song while I cooked and cleaned (ha!  ok, while I cooked).  Pins and needles, I tell you.

Then the big day arrived.  Actually, it arrived and then passed, we both have been so busy this summer that it was hard to find time to just sit and watch a show from 1992.  But we did. 

And here's where I get pissed:  They didn't have the CeCe Peniston song on the DVD!  You could see Julie and Norm and Heather B. skating, you could see Heather B. clapping and singing along, but instead of the dulcet tones of CeCe there was some awful, low-budget porny music playing.  Talk about disappointing.  

I'll file this one under #firstworldproblems  (that's not getting old, is it?  Neither are the "said no one, ever" e-cards)

Watching the DVD took me back though, took me back to a much different time in my life.  I remember when the show first aired on MTV, my roommate at the time and I watched it and instantly fell in love with it.  I think I was 25 when it was on (I could do the math but my phone isn't handy), and I will tell you a little secret:  I actually wrote out a letter applying to be on the show.  You can laugh, go ahead.  But that's how much I liked it.

I totally wanted to have Heather B. as my best friend.  I loved her.  I thought Eric was a total d-bag.  I of course loved Norm.  I see now, after watching the DVD, that I tried to dress like Julie up until I was about 35 years old.  For a long time, I thought Becky was the chick who sings the song "My Name is Luka" (I live on the second floor...ha) (ahh Suzanne Vega).  I had a love/hate thing with Kevin, and I thought Andre' had watched a little too much Wayne's World.  And I can't believe how many of them wore overalls.

I wore overalls too.  Gap overalls. For a long time (well into the 2000's, I'm ashamed to admit).  FYI:  they are still good sellers on eBay, go figure.

I will leave you with the CeCe song, so you too can go back in time.... have a fabulous week, y'all.

Ooooh and here is the weigh-in stuff:

Week 1:  4 lbs.
Week 2:  3.8 lbs.
Week 3:  3.2 lbs.
Week 4:  1.4 lbs.

Grand total, with just a little under a month of Weight Watchers:

12.4 lbs. GONE!  I was feeling a little blue about "only" losing 1.4 this week, until I Googled "what does 1 lb. of fat look like?" and found this picture:

There are almost 12 1/2 pounds less of those things in my body now.  In less than a month!  I think that's pretty awesome.

And now I need to go back into Graduation Party Planning mode...please pray for anyone who has to be around me from now until the night of the party.  It's not going to be fun for them.


  1. I love you! I'm so proud of you! I lost a few pounds but my scale broke so I don't know how many. My family cannot keep a scale. I don't know what we do to them!

  2. Love you too Wesley! It's only a matter of time before the inmates break our scale. I imagine William will try to weigh himself under water or something like that.

    Thanks for reading, my friend.

  3. I was/am actually LISTING to Finally by CeCe while reading THIS POST ON your blog!!!! TOO WEIRD! Enjoying your blog immensely and we have some things in common in the ex-husband dept, though mine hasn't married the mistress...YET...
    Keep on walkin' and watch yourself shrinking! Best of luck!

    1. That is awesome! It's actually a really good song, don't you think??

      So sorry that you have the ex thing in common with me...I'm always blown away by how MANY of us there are! Stay strong!

      And yes I will keep waddling...I mean walking! It's working!

      Thank you so much for reading!

  4. Go you! I'm so happy for you skinny bones jones ;)


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