Pay it Forward Monday! 5 Free Redbox Movies Giveaway!

Suburban Prep...if you're reading, you won the Starbucks card.  I need to hear from you by Wednesday otherwise I'm going to have to pick another winner.

BUT...today's Pay it Forward is all about the movies.  If you're a friend of mine, you know how much I love my movies.  And I especially love FREE MOVIES.  The only thing better is if someone goes to pick them up and then puts them in the dvd player for me.  And then doesn't talk while we watch them.

I have mentioned Redbox many times, and that's because I love them.  They usually have a great selection of movies (aside from new releases, a lot of the kiosks now carry old favorites and now they have several of the Marvel superhero movies (Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor, Captain America) to get us nerds whipped up into an Avenger frenzy)(yes I'm going, are you kidding?  Opens May 4th.). 

So today's Pay it Forward Giveaway is this:  one winner will receive codes for 5 free movies from yours truly.  These codes will be sent via email.  I am not affiliated with Redbox in any way, I just have a bunch of free codes and would like to share them with the world.  Or my 15 regular readers.

How do we win this spectacular prize, you ask?  Simple.  Just leave a comment telling me your 3 favorite movies.  Winners will be picked randomly, not by how closely your top three match mine (and I will not judge you if Moneyball or one of the Alvin and the Chipmunk movies are on your list.  At least not to your face.)

My top three?  Easy.

Shawshank Redemption
Jurassic Park
Rear Window

(if I had to pick another one I would unashamedly have a tie between 13 Going on 30 and Mean Girls.  Or Wedding Crashers.  And maybe Zoolander.)

Three movies I will sit and watch again and again and again, no matter how many times I've seen them.  Of course I have tons of other favorites but for some reason those three act like video Ritalin for me.  And I love them.

I look forward to hearing what YOUR favorites are!  Contest ends at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 25th.  One comment per person.

By the way...right now it's 4:00 a.m.  I am reeling with insomnia.  Any tips?  I fall asleep just fine but BOOM around 3 a.m. every morning I'm up, like some bloated rooster.  I'm actually looking at my dog, who is snoring right next to me, with envy.  I have a feeling this is yet another gift from that bastard Perry Menopause.  Hey Perry, the thickening waist was enough this year.  Really. 


  1. Wings of Desire/Out of Africa (tie)
    Zero Effect
    Raising Arizona/Fargo (tie)

    1. oooh Fargo..good call. I just remembered another one that should be in my top 3:

      Flirting With Disaster. If you haven't seen that one, you are missing out. Ben Stiller before he got all Ben Stillery.

    2. Cinema Paradiso
      King of Hearts
      Swept Away (the original)

      I'm a foreign film buff......I have many favorites but these have stuck with me for many many years. If you haven't seen them, you must!

    3. Grand Canyon
      Little Miss Sunshine
      Gran Torino

  2. The first and last ones are matching pairs, loved equally...

    Terminator/Terminator 2
    Dawn of the Dead (both the 70s and the newer remake)

  3. Pretty Woman
    The American President

    I know them all by heart.

  4. 16 Candles
    Cool Hand Luke
    Steel Magnolias

  5. Young Frankenstein
    Talladega Nights
    Mary Poppins

    These are my favorites this morning, I can't commit to only 3 favorite movies.

  6. The Deer Hunter (a very young, post-war crazy, heroin addicted Christopher Walken is dreamy!)

    Shawshank Redemption

    Goodfellas/Godfather/Pulp Fiction tie

    I believe it was me who once said, "Hey Jenny, have you ever seen Flirting With Disaster"? Brilliant!

  7. I have sent you and email.
    Thank you so much.

    I hope the winner of the Redbox has a great time watching movies.

    1. Oooh, can I play?! I have more than 3, so this is hard but here are my 3 faves:

      Footloose (the original)

      Pretty Woman

      The Great Debaters

      I hear ya on the insomnia...I was up until 4 this morning and 3:30 Sunday morning. Exhausted!

  8. A League of Their Own
    Notting Hill
    The Muppets

    Some people say if you always wake up at the same time in the night, someone "on the other side" may be trying to send you a message, especially if the time is somehow significant. Food for thought!

  9. 1. Hitch (get out the Depends when he has an allergic reaction - I have a thang for Will).
    2. Either National Treasure movie or The Rock. I love Nic in all of those
    3. Anything Bourne related

    Too hard to pick just three - there are so many I watch over and over. I am typing on my phone so don't be judging any punctuation or spelling errors. At least I didn't do any text abbreviations. I know how much you love those (they are dead to me now...every time I'm tempted to cave and pull a c u l8r, I think of you. Thanks a bunch there!).


  10. 1. Legally blonde
    2. Facing the giants
    3, princess bride


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