Ten on Tues.

Hey folks...Blogger is screwing around with things again, I think they really, really want everyone to switch to the new posting format so they're making the old one lame (am I the only one, fellow bloggers? I can't even add links when using the old interface!).

So if this is all in italics, or in an odd font (like my favorite lame font of all time, "JOKERMAN", my apologies. I fear change!

Here's my ten today:

1. Two separate friends informed me of their impending divorces today. Each one made me cry. I think the only divorce news that won't induce weeping will be when Big Daddy and Secretary split up. I will cackle like a witch/chicken hybrid and probably do a little jig.

2. Got my wheels back! I was almost afraid to drive today, thought mayhap I had forgotten how to do it after riding shotgun for so long. But no worries, it all came back to me. Kind of like remembering how to write in cursive after summer vacation back in elementary school..

3. My mom helped me pay for the repairs. I felt massive guilt for being even just a little pissed about not getting her car. For all my humbling experiences and self-effacing talk, it took me about 2 seconds to revert back to petulant, self-important Teenage Jenny over the whole car thing. I got me some growing up to do, apparently.

4. I used to think I hated Daylight Savings because it messed up the schedules of my little kids. Now I know it's because it messes up the schedule of little old me. I am falling asleep at 8:30 every night, and waking up in the middle of the night. I'm so desperate for a decent night's sleep that I borrowed some sleep aids from my BFF. Except now I can't remember where I put them. Sigh.

5. The annual "Thanksgiving Dread" was beginning to blossom until my BFF announced that she was hosting it and not only are the kids and I invited, but a few other friends who aren't lucky enough to be part of a big Norman Rockwell clan. What could have been a sad boring day will now be a raucous event with tons of kids, good friends and for sure lots of awesome food and drink. Now I can relax until Christmas!

6. Speaking of awesome food: I've been low-carbing it for the past week or so. Because I tried on my long down coat and I could HARDLY ZIP IT. I looked like a thick, black, nylon-encased hot dog. I'm taking a cue from my Paleo-enthusiastic friends Whitney and Gary and cutting out starches. So far, it's ok but just between you and me, I look at the bread in the fridge and start salivating. You don't want to hear what bodily response the baked potatoes trigger. Trust me.

7. And speaking of bodily response, Cabin Boy kind of pissed me off today. Now, I know what we have is more of a booty call kind of thing, and I'm ok with that. Really. Because I don't have the time or the energy to do much more than that. So I'm absolutely content with our occasional hook ups, our random dirty texts, and the planned trysts up north. But we hadn't talked for about a week, and today I get a text from him. "Hey girl, how r u?" (and yes, I still loathe text speak. But that's a losing battle). I typed back, "Hey, just great. How are you?". And Cyrano D. B. responds: "Horny". Really, Cabin Boy? Not, "Oh I've been busy, work is crazy. And I'm horny." Even booty call girls appreciate a little small talk. But just between you and me? I couldn't stop thinking about him for the rest of the day. Mission accomplished, Cabin Boy.

8. I am laughing at the gradual increasing length of my posts here...so I'll go short with this one: Watched the new animated offering from Jonah Hill, "Allen Gregory" or whatever it's called. Pure dreck. It physically hurts me to think of the $$$ wasted by producing this crap. Sometimes I despise this country. Ok, not the whole country, mostly Hollywood. And Washington D.C. And a little bit of New York.

9. I need new furniture. Not even new, I don't care about that...I NEED BIGGER FURNITURE! The Ikea crap I have now worked out great when all of the kids were shorter than me. Now I can't sit down anywhere in my house without having a long teenager leg draped over my lap or a dog elbow jabbing me in the back or just my big fat ass taking up too much room. I'm on the hunt for a dirt cheap sectional. Local friends, let me know if you see one on a curb. Ok, maybe not a curb. You know what I mean.

10. I'm developing a scary girl-crush on Melissa McCarthy. Could she be any cooler? I want to sit on my love seat with her, eat baked Brie and crackers, drink red wine and laugh until the wee hours of the night. And now I will sit back and wait for the restraining order to arrive.

Ok my friends, it's almost 8:30 and that means I'll be snoring on the love seat in a matter of minutes (sandwiched between Henry, Walter and William) so I will say adios for now. Hope you are all doing well...remember to laugh a lot, hug your kids (or husband or dog or whomever else you have near you) and do what you need to do to get to tomorrow. Today was kind of an emotional day for me and a good friend. Tears were shed, pride was shelved. But we got through it and I think we will laugh about it in the near future. Life is scary-unpredictable. You never know what's around the corner...but believe it or not? You are strong enough to deal with it.


  1. I get a kick out of your ten on tuesday posts. You and cabin boy are funny. I get to live vicariously through you because I haven't had any "booty" in two months..LOL! Nice to know I'm not the only one that doesn't have the time or energy to invest in a "real" relationship right now and enjoys the occasional "cabin boy"...

  2. Awww, thanks Mommy! Can you imagine trying to cram a relationship into our lives?? Thank you for reading...hope you are able to have some nice quiet time tonight.

  3. Mashed rutabagas are *almost* as good as potatoes and they have drastically fewer carbs. It satisfies my starch craving, because honestly pour enough cream and cheese on something and it tastes great:)

  4. Genevieve, I've heard the same thing about mashed cauliflower! I love me some roasted rutabagas, I'll try them mashed too. Thanks for reading!

  5. 1. Let us know when that happens & I'll do a little jig w/you!
    2. Yay! Also, I love cursive ;)
    3. You're not alone. I still depend on my parents for so much...but that's what they're there for. Right?
    4. omg me too. I'm hoping my body will eventually get used to this because falling asleep on the commute home (6pm) is not cool.
    5. Lucky girl. I'm in charge of Thanksgiving this year since my bro & SIL are being total douches & going over to her parents, also my mom (who always cooks the big dinner) is recovering from back surgery so...yeah I'll be the girl crying in corner w/food burning on the stove :/
    6. Good for you for trying but I'd never make it. I'm addicted to everything that's bad for me.
    7. Blunt. That's a good thing. I'm the same way though, I need a little effort before going to home base lol. Either way, kudos to him since he was on your mind since then.
    8. I have this on my DVR but haven't actually been bored enough to watch it. Now I'm thinking I'll just delete it...thanks for the heads up!
    10. Haha! She does seems like someone who'd be totally cool to hang out with.

    Those last words of yours are exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for the good read!


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