Fill in the Blank Friday...

Yay Friday!!!! This week has FLOWN by...I'm looking forward to what is sure to be an epic weekend. Here is my version of the blogosphere's "Fill in The Blank Friday".

1. The best thing I did all week was being able to help out a friend in need. It's not often I'm the one someone calls when they need help, and not only was it an honor to be there for this friend, it gave me warm fuzzies knowing what it felt like to be on the other end of the helping hand. It's a good feeling.

2. Fresh new t.v. shows in September make me super happy.

3. Pets are just like having kids without most of the worry. I just wished they lived longer...a good friend of mine lost her fur baby this week. Rest in Peace, Sammy.

4. The people in it is the best thing about my life.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to no longer having bras that smell like a yeast factory due to the excessive cleavage sweat I experienced this summer. Bleah.

6. Something's that on my "wish list" right now is for the kick ass year all of my kids are having so far in school to continue. They are all doing so well, it's amazing. I'm so proud of them!

7. This weekend I am going to be surrounded by the most fabulous babes in the world and celebrate my birthday! My BFF is throwing a party for me tomorrow night and I am absolutely giddy with excitement. Cannot. Wait. Get ready, 45...here I come!

Join in on Fill in the Blank Friday by copying the blanks, filling them in on your blog and linking up at The Little Things You Do so others can check you out.

Have a good Friday my sweet friends. Hug your dogs, your kids, and don't ever forget how wonderful YOU are. And if you're in the mood for a dirty martini tomorrow night, give me a call. I know where you can find one (or seven).


  1. I'm so enjoying the new fall tv shows! it's just so much better than the summer fillers! and hope you had a fabulous birthday!

    {I'm having a Kate Spade giveaway right now & would love to see you there! amyreneonline.com}

  2. Holy crap, you're hilarious! #5 almost had me spitting out my Cherry Coke, haha.

    Oh, Yay it was your birthday...Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope it was great sweets :)

  3. Thanks for reading Amy! I am all over a Kate Spade giveaway....

  4. Thanks Lin!!! I talk a little too much about my sweat habits, don't I???


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