In the old days we called it Christmas vacation, but then again that's when our elementary school principal would dress up as Santa. So winter break it is.

Whatever you call it, it's here and I'm PSYCHED. I've been working my ass off lately and although it's helped patch some of the leaks in my checkbook, it's done nothing for my energy level.

I've said it before. I don't know how you moms who work full time do it. Kudos to you. Really, kudos to all of us but damn, working girls, you have my respect.

Anyways. Back to WINTER BREAK. Yes, I'm yelling. I am so excited. I love this little school break the most out of all of them. The Thanksgiving one is too short. The spring one makes me sad because every.single.person in the world besides us goes somewhere fun or warm. Summer is just too freaking hot and I'll be honest with you, about a month too long.

Two weeks is perfect. If you celebrate, you have the whole Christmas thing to keep the angels occupied for at least a day or two. Since it's the dead of winter, there are fun and cheap activities that can be enjoyed indoors: bowling, second-run movies (weeeeee I splurged and took advantage of a Groupon for the Cinema Cafe near here...I'm going to surprise the kids with a movie!), sleepovers, taking the brood shopping to spend Christmas money from grandparents, etc. And of course we'll do some sledding and ice skating (If I can get my fat ass into my snowpants).

Then, just as the wheels start coming off, it's back to routine we go.

Sometimes I see these two bright and gleaming weeks as a challenge, as if the calendar gods are saying, "See here woman, you have two weeks free...you must set some goals." And then I'll set goals. Nothing crazy, like working out every day or doing a basement-to-roof cleaning. But I'll make a mental note that this would be the perfect time to clear out every drawer in the house and get rid of things we don't wear/use/enjoy. Or that this will be the perfect time to start my meal planning system. Or that I will have the kids do an hour of silent reading/homework every day.

Pffffffft. The only goals I'm making for myself for the next two weeks are:

1. Relax.

2. Enjoy the season. We still don't have our Christmas tree...there hasn't been a time when we were all here. Tomorrow is the day.

3. Pay Charlie and his mechanically inclined friend, David, to put our treadmill back together. In the long ago days when I had disposable income, I bought myself a treadmill. Nothing fancy, but it was pretty nice, and several of us used it. When we moved, it mysteriously came apart (no one will admit to the dismantling, and honestly, I no longer care). I want Charlie and David to try and get it back in working order. Even found the manual in case we need to order extra screws or bolts. Treadmill is getting done.

4. Walter will get walked. He is going completely insane. We've had so much snow that taking him on a walk was simply not an option for the first few days of this week. Add to that my working most days and the fact that it's pitch black outside by 5:30 p.m. and the result is Canine Seasonal Affective Disorder. CSAD. Symptoms include pacing, standing behind your owner and staring at her, trying to eat your friend's husbands and becoming even more obsessed with food. Tonight I caught him tenderly licking the open door of the dishwasher. You will be walked, boy.

4.2 Walter did get his Christmas present early this year, and I believe it is the one thing that has kept him from breaking down the bathroom door like Jack Nicholson (heeeeeere's Walter!). It's called a Skinneeez and it's hands down the best toy he's ever had. He loves it. He even rolls around on it like he does with real life dead animals we come across on our walks. This one doesn't have decomp or maggots on it, so it's a winner. Highly recommended.

5. Ok so I won't set a goal to work out every day, but I'm going to start doing something. After the holidays I have a very wonderful new blog collaboration planned. One of my old high school homies is now a Wellness Coach (meet her here) and has very, very generously offered her services to me. We are going to work together to get me and the kids on a better, healthier track. I'm going to start writing a regular weekly blog post that focuses on my new Wellness coach and the progress I'm making. I had been doing a pretty decent job earlier this year..buying more whole, unprocessed and organic foods, exercising every day, etc.


Things got tough and I started holing up. Eating my feelings. My feelings tasted like cheese, Taco Bell and candy. Not good. I won't go on about how squishy and soft I've become, or how I get winded taking the garbage can down to the curb, or how I'm becoming a jowly mother effer. It is what it is. And it's going to change.

6. Have I mentioned sleeping in? Now I have. I'm going to sleep in. Granted, for me "sleeping in" now means sleeping past 8 a.m., but I'll take what I can get. I am going to stay up late and not worry about it. I'm going to unplug my alarm clock for two weeks and allow myself to stay asleep and finish up whatever zombie/hot fireman/running around looking for something I lost dream I'm having. Seriously, I've been having zombie dreams lately. What's up with that?

For those of you with kids who are now embarking on two weeks of no buses, no "I need lunch money" wails as they walk out the door in the morning, no last minute book reports or dioramas, I say ENJOY. If you're a local, let's get together and gab. Let the kids play in these glorious Mt. Everest snow piles. Even better, let's get out there with them. If we can fit into our snowpants, that is.

Let's enjoy this break.


  1. This sounds like my plans for Christmas break, except that I don't have any goals except to relax and enjoy.

  2. I LOVE Winter break. Just to fact I don't have to get up at 6 am makes it a awesome thing. lol

  3. You guys have two weeks?? Wow, we go to school till thursday if this week. Im jealous! Have fun on your break though..your plan sounds right on!


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