I love my job

I'm pretty certain that if I worked a 9-5 job in some cubicle I would never hear this stuff:

"You have a booger in your nose."

"You are the most beautifullest person I know."

"I need you! My feelings are so hurt!"

"Jenny! Watch!! Watch me!! Jenny? Jenny!! Watch!!!"

"Your arms make me think of my grandma" (said while child was rubbing one of my ham hock arms)

"My mom and dad keep yelling at each other. Dad is sleeping on the couch."

"Hey Jenny if we found some candy on the ground but it was still in the wrapper could we eat it? WE DIDN'T REALLY find any but IF WE DID could we eat it?" (asked with hands behind backs)

"Can I go to the nurse's office?" "Why?" "I think I may have a transfusion." (child smacked head and was looking for the word concussion)

"I'm so hot that I'm sweating like a meatloaf!"

Ok, so maybe I would hear all of this if I did work in a cubicle. But then it would be creepy, not sweet.

I love my job.

1 comment:

  1. From the mouths of babes.
    Bless your heart for doing what you do!
    I barely like my own kids.


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